Extra tooth erupting in the nose!!

Supernumerary teeth are found quite often and they occur between 0.1 – 2.8% in the general population. They can erupt in different places in the mouth and more often in permanent than temporary dentition. They are more frequent in males, two times more than in females, and apparently in vegetarians (?!?). They may also be hereditary, as sometimes there is an increased incidence in certain families and are also associated with some genetic syndromes. A fairly frequent one is the mesiodens, which appears between the front teeth.

A very unusual extra tooth was presented in Smile – The Dental Magazine (www.smile-mag.com): an extra tooth erupting in the nose!! Click here for full article.

The most common problem extra teeth can cause is to interfere with the correct eruption of the neighbouring teeth. Other problems include: pain, infection, developing cysts as well as resorption of the roots of other teeth. Some of them are erupted so they can be easily seen while others are impacted and are found incidentally with a panoramic x-ray or because of symptoms.

Luckily for us, extracting the tooth usually solves the problem. Other times the treatment is way more complicated depending on the position of the extra tooth.

Please see your dentist to make sure you have a normal number of teeth! 🙂

extra tooth erupting in the nose