Archaeologists in Lucca, Italy may have found the oldest known denture! You can find more details about the exceptional finding at this link.
The artifact is a set of three incisor teeth and two canines. A gold band with little screws joins the teeth together. In addition, the scientists believe a string was holding the teeth inside the mouth.

Image of the Oldest Known Denture

The unusual fact is that all 5 teeth are of human origin. Surprisingly, the scientists found no corresponding jaw in that particular tomb. As a result they believe the historical object is indeed a denture and not just dental work.

X-Ray of the Oldest Known Denture

It seems the need to look good is not a new thing! Unfortunately, most probably only the rich and privileged could do it. The tomb belonged to a famous and rich family in the old Tuscan city. We should note the fact that our forefather dentists knew gold is an excellent dental material because it does not rust and can be easily manipulated.

Furthermore, the teeth had calculus deposits. This in turn indicates the owner has worn them for quite a long period of time. It is not clear who they belonged to because more than 100 people have been buried in that tomb over the years.

While I appreciate the ingenuity of our ancestors, I can only hope the person who “donated” the teeth did so willingly 🙂